PUBG PC Lite update brings in radio messages, team management, ends the on-going season and more

Earlier unveiled by the developers through a Facebook post, PUBG PC Lite has officially received radio messages for effective communication. Eight radio messages can be accessed by pressing the mouse wheel or “F3” key in both duo and squad games.

A greater emphasis is laid on “Enemy Spotted” and “Ping” radio messages which enables special bind for both the messages and specific interactions. Also, “Need Ammo” command calls out bullet calibre of the gun player is holding during the callout.

Under team management, developers have added an option to adjust teammate’s volume and a feature to block specific teammates as well. In other news, the mission list can be easily accessed by pressing “P” in-game. This update also brings a latest version to the lobby user interface while fixing a bug crashing the game while accessing the lobby.

Miscellaneous sound bugs have also been fixed while the developers have fixed multiple visibility bugs. Several minor bugs have also been addressed.

This update has ended the current season as the developers as ‘renewing the season system’. Next update will begin with a fresh season with rewards.