PUBG Mobile Still Working In India Despite Ban

PUBG Mobile players have found an alternative to enjoy the game in India. The korean version of PUBG Mobile has replaced the global version.

Krafton India

PUBG Mobile was expected to fully shut down in India when Tencent announced that they were closing down all their PUBG Mobile operations in India but the picture is quite different. Despite the game technically rendered unplayable, players are still finding various ways to enjoy PUBG Mobile in India. This time, players are opting for PUBG Mobile Korean version to solve enjoy the game despite of the imposed ban.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India alongside several other Chinese apps which were declared as a threat to the national security and user privacy. The IT Ministry of India imposed this ban on PUBG Mobile under the pretext of them being “involved in activities against India’s sovereignty, defense and security of states and public order.

Since this ban, the first obvious outcome was that the game itself will be completely useless in India but that was not the case. After the ban, the game was taken down from official App stores but still, it was working completely fine.

PUBG Corporation severed its ties with Tencent for Indian region within a week of this ban but still, the game was running in the country for almost two months until Tencent finally stated that they are stepping away from the Indian region for PUBG Mobile and shut down all of their operations in the country.

After this decision, PUBG Mobile servers were closed down in India and players were unable to play this game for a while but PUBG enthusiasts found out a method that solved this problem as well. The global version of PUBG Mobile is now replaced with a Korean version of the game which is completely similar to PUBG Mobile but with different servers and user IDs.

PUBG Mobile Korean version is easily accessible in the country and this shift allows players to enjoy the game at the cost of losing all their previous achievements, costumes, ranks and more. This shift is like a new start for most of the players and the game is becoming quite popular in the community as well.

This game may not be the perfect alternative for the entire PUBG Mobile esports scene in India but can be considered as a boon for the casual players. Despite the ban, PUBG Mobile can be still considered to be in a working condition in India but under a different name and form.