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PUBG Mobile: Key Takeaways from PMPL South Asia 2020

PUBG mobile pro league South Asia finally came to an end on June 20. While Orange Rock was crowned in PMPL SA regular stages, finals saw the rise of an underdog team, Celtz, as the winner. TSM Entity failed to make it to the top and had to settle with second spot in the leaderboard in both the stages. Celtz, TSM Entity,  Orange Rock, GodLike, SynerGE, Megastars and TeamIND qualified for the world league and will be giving their best shot at it against the best teams of the world. Here are a few key takeaways from the tournament:

Kills do not win you trophies, consistency does.

Both Orange Rock and TSM Entity won the respective stages of PMPL SA due to their consistent gameplay. Both the teams focussed on securing a better position in the battlegrounds rather than going all out and hunting enemies. This helped Orange Rock win 10 matches out of 48 and finish the PMPL south regular season at the top position. They had much less kills than TSM Entity and still prevailed against them. Celtz also overtook TSM Entity the same way in the finals. While TSM Entity was taking fights left, right and centre, Celtz was moving up by focussing on their rotations and positions.

TSM Entity is a kill machine.

Every member of TSM Entity has the capability of taking out a whole squad alone. The way TSM Entity prevails in a 4v4 battle is something world-class. In both the stages of PMPL SA, TSM Entity was the team with most kills. They killed 276 enemies in 48 matches in the regular stage and eliminated 99 enemies in just 15 matches in the finals. No other south asian team comes close. Kill leaders for both stages were from TSM Entity also.Jonathan was crowned as the kill leader in regular season whereas Clutchgod was the kill leader in the finals. After looking at their aggressive gameplay in PMPL SA, it would not be wrong to say that they are on par with aggressive teams of SEA like Bigetron RA. 

Celtz and Megastars are the teams to watch out for. 

No one would have expected that Celtz would be the champions of South Asia. Their gameplay in the finals was pretty commendable that helped them to get a PMWL slot. On the other hand, Megastars made a comeback after their fall in PMCO: Fall split 2019. They missed the PMWL slot in the league stage as they failed to get the top four position. However, they made it happen in the finals with their third rank. Both, Megastars and Celtz are on rise and could be the future of esports in India.

TeamIND is made for global events.

TeamIND is one of the most experienced teams in the PUBG mobile India community. They have been participating in PUBG mobile tournaments from the very beginning. The team started its journey with PMSC 2018 Asia at a global event and has not turned its back ever since. TeamIND never made it to the top in any of the major tournaments but they were always found in a qualifying seat for a global event in the tournaments. This team has played in almost every global event of PUBG mobile. TeamIND has made it to a global event this time as well.

SouL and Fnatic need to step up their gameplay. 

SouL and Fnatic are the two fan favourite teams of India. However, both the teams failed to qualify for the world league. This has left many of their fans disappointed. SouL is one of the most successful teams in India and proved themselves again and again in national tournaments. Fnatic also won PMAS India 2019 and did well in PEC 2019 in China. Both of the teams need to change some things to get back into action. While Mortal has already announced the addition of a new player and coach in upcoming days, Fnatic has also declared the current lineup will undergo some changes after PMPL. 

Teams from Nepal and Bangladesh still have a long way to go.

After the PMPL league stage, one team from Bangladesh and three teams from Nepal did not qualify for the finals. Only Team Xtreme and ElementriX got the chance to play in finals. However, they were outshined by the indian teams and failed to get a world league slot. It is pretty evident that these teams are not skilled enough to represent their respective countries at a global stage. They slack in terms of their skills and gameplay against the big guns of the world. They need to work on that and prove their capabilities next time. 

PUBG mobile world league East will start on July 10 as World League East Season 0. Top teams from SEA, South Asia, Korea, Japan, TW/HK/MO and Wildcard will be fighting against each other in the league.

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