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PUBG Mobile India: Social Media handles renamed to Battlegrounds Mobile India

The social media handles of PUBG Mobile India have been renamed to Battlegrounds Mobile India, confirming a change of title for the Indian variant of PUBG Mobile. A discord announcement has confirmed that the usernames of the official PUBG Mobile India YouTube and Facebook accounts have been renamed.

Recently, a report unveiled new information which hinted that PUBG Mobile India could be potentially renamed. The team discovered a new creative-asset on the official website which highlighted a new title “Battlegrounds Mobile India” instead of PUBG Mobile India. This change has now been confirmed through a discord announcement.

The following announcement was published on the PUBG Mobile India discord server, confirming this change.

The names Facebook and YouTube channels of PUBG Mobile India have not been changed and only the links to these handles are affected so far. The complete name change is expected to follow soon as these links redirect to the official handles and the Facebook nametag is changed as well.

These changes could be followed with a good news for Indian PUBG Mobile fans but no solid proofs are given by the officials yet. Players can view this change as a positive development. PUBG Mobile India will now be termed as Battlegrounds Mobile India with this new announcement. The new links for the social media handles are given below:

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