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PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020: Everything You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile announced their largest esports tournament named PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero. This tournament will be their biggest global esports event with a prize pool of whopping 2 million USD.

PUBG Mobile Esports revealed a detailed plan about its future for the rest of 2020, in which the big announcement was teased to be the biggest event for competitive PUBG Mobile . This great revelation came right after the “PUBG Mobile- New Era” was announced.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship(PMGC) is going to be a special event which is held by merging two earlier planned events named World League and World Championship. This event finally brings in China region to compete for a massive $2 Million prize pool.

Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports, James Yang appeared in this video, giving lots of information about events till date and then following it up with this major announcement. He starts with explaining the pyramidal structure of PUBG Mobile Esports and how the competition rises with each level.

For the pro circuit, PMWL was their biggest hit with 1.1 Million concurrent viewers watching the showdown. This was the highest watching ever for any mobile esports event, according to the director.

The details about PMGC are not completely revealed yet and the seedings or invites for this tournament are yet to be disclosed. The tournament will be held at the end of November and will be a online or offline event, based on the circumstances of pandemic during that time.

Following are the few things that must be highlighted for this event:

PMGC is going to mark a new era of esports for PUBG Mobile with the rising prize pool and competitive nature of this game. Mobile esports is changing and 2 million USD for a mobile title may have been a dream some years ago but its changing into reality step by step.

China region is considered as the best for PUBG Mobile and the teams like XQF and TOP Esports have already marked their presence in earlier events. Lots of things like game meta have changed since then and this time, it would be interesting to watch if the Chinese dominance reigns supreme or if the throne is challenged by the uncrowned kings.

Another big event named PEC is going to happen during the same timeline for Chinese PUBG Mobile and hence, the tournaments may run almost simultaneously and any global team participating in both the events may get the upper hand in understanding the newly introduced chinese meta and countering it.

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