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PUBG hits an all time low when it comes to daily player counts

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the big names in the league of Battle Royale games available on Pc as well as consoles has not had a very good year so far.

Pubg was launched in March 2017 and just last week, the game saw its lowest player numbers since its launch 2 years ago. The game once bragged having 3 Million players but now it sits at 500,000 which is a massive drop.

Tencent is known for aggressively rolling out constant updates to provide new content to its players and always giving them some new reason to keep playing the game. New skins, balancing changes, map reworks, new weapons makes Pubg one of the most engaging Battle Royale game to play as some of the games out there offer just a single map to its players (Fortnite in particular). But all this has unfortunately failed as Tencent could not bring back its player base to its original glory.

The success of the mobile version of the game will mostly prevent Pubg Corporation from going through a rough time as they keep on providing updates for the game and we never know, one right move and the game once again reaches the top of the table. 500,000 is not a bad statistic at all as most of the developers wish that these many players were playing their game on a daily basis. Pubg’s prime era is remembered by everyone who ever played the game, it would be a sight for sore eyes to see Pubg reinstated to its former supremacy.


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