Xbox Live PSN

One band of hackers with an analogous name, Lizard Squad wasn’t enough as we’ve another within the kind of Phantom Squad. These guys are quickly creating their name within the world of hacking by doing what they are doing best i.e. taking down completely different services getting used by standard folks.


On their Twitter profile, the hacker cluster has warned that this Christmas they’re progressing to take down not solely PSN and additionally Xbox Live. Not solely that, they’re boast they’ll keep each the services down for a few week. Here’s the tweet:

That wasn’t all, your time later Phantom Squad titillated “don’t you all get it? we are going to be accountable of taking down PSN and Xbox Live servers this year” and followed it by asserting that they’re not allies with Anonymous or Lizard Squad.

Their Twitter account claims that they need taken down decision of Duty Black Roman deity three On December twelve aboard Xbox Live (only for somewhat while). remainder of their claims embrace taking down Star Wars The previous Republic, FIFA,, GTA five and solely a few of hours agone, Reddit.

Anyhow, they’re currently asking their “fans” what to require down next and therefore the choices embrace Steam, PlayStation and Xbox aboard some random individual and organization.

It is a proven fact that Xbox Live was down a few of days ago, however it is not yet clear that it had anything to do with these guys who advocate themselves Phantom Squad. The previous year, the Twitter handle @LizardSquad claimed the same and they actually managed to take town the networks entirely for a week via DDoS.