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The 17 year old guy from Bamble, Norway, has been arrested over allegedly stealing costly in-game weapons using malware and RATs (Remote Access Trojans).

A number of individuals are inactive in Romania, France and Norge. one in all the threads just in case diode to Bamble, wherever the police so have charged a seventeen year recent WHO have purloined weapons and alternative things he utilized in a simulation.

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The boy was offline at his home on Thursday of last week. he’s charged with having used a kind of malicious computer code referred to as Remote Access Trojan (RAT). we tend to believe that has taken management of others’ computers to achieve access to the objects he utilized in a video game.

17-year-old has no criminal past, and confessed hacking once he was questioned by police.

State Kleiv, the superintendent of Police, Bamlbe, says that the boy ought to have resold a number of the virtual things he scarfed from different players. The values ​​of the felony corresponds but not massive sums of real cash. State Kleiv says it is a matter of millions.

The boy has not however been appointed for any defense. Police have seized plenty of pc instrumentation which can currently be examined to seek out documentation.


He says it is important for Norwegian police to point out that it takes a heavy read on such matters, which beats down on that too little.