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Pros appeal to CSGO devs: Nerf SG 553

CSGO had various meta throughout its long tenure in esports. The world’s most popular fps is a very strategical game and a lot that revolves around the weapons purchased by players before the rounds.

The most recent meta was initiated in November 2018, when Valve decided to make changes to the economic system, adding a systematic loss bonus system into the game, which translated to the fact that we are to see more gun rounds in the game rather than frequent ecos after round losses. Besides this economic change Valve decided to bring changes into the scoped weapons or ‘COD guns’ as colloquial CSGO language suggests.

The AUG and the SG-553 went through a price drop with the CT guns going for $3300 dollars just a $200 dollars above the popular CT rifle M4A4 at $3000 while the T sided gun SG was reduced to $2750 just $50 dollar above the common choice AK-47.

Terrorist guns are cheap and having to not to buy kits, the economic advantage is on their side, now with the loss bonus, they can force a decent buy every round even after losing rounds after rounds. AUG, however, was the meta for a while which however has been nerfed by Valve, while the Kreig is still dominating the scene as the low price drew the attention of pro players who exploited its true potential.

Players like Elige from Team Liquid and Brehze from EG have showcased how devastating it can be. The weapon is a scoped alternative to the AK, boasting its one shot one kill, even if a helmet is present at the cost of a difficult recoil pattern. The gun has been so unfair to the M4A4’s of the CTs that pros are calling for it to be nerfed.

The problem with the SG 553 is that it is incredibly powerful in both close and long-range situations due to its scope, giving the Terrorists little more reason not to buy the AK-47.The AUG however, which is the Counter-Terrorist equivalent of the scoped rifle, was nerfed in June 2019, meaning that now one side has access to a superior set of weapons. Valve have yet to comment on the matter. However, the company has been shaking things up in CSGO in 2019 with Cache being remastered and many guns seeing changes throughout the year, so it is possible they are upto something already.


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