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Puma Joins Nike and Adidas in the Esports Apparel Sponsorship Chase

Along with the rapid growth of eSports, the organizations are acquiring more and more top their MNC to sponsor them besides regular peripheral manufacturers. Automobile giants like Audi, NISSAN are all part of this esports sponsorship bandwagon. With the growth of the scene, the teams are acquiring new fans every day, and like any other hypebeast their merchandise sales are going nowhere but upwards.

“Tapping into the world of esports, and its broad, dynamic consumer audience, is critical to our marketing strategy moving forward,” said Adam Petrick, global director of brand and marketing at Puma.

“Being able to transcend esports and elevate our brand within a broader global audience is the natural evolution of the growth of Cloud9,” added Jordan Udko, executive vice president, commercial partnerships for Cloud9.

The craze for esports have gone to the extent that once considered ‘not a real sport’ by athletes is acquiring attention from world’s top sportswear manufacturers, including Nike and Adidas. According to a report by ADWEEK, Puma widely known sports apparel manufacturer has decided to join their competition to sponsor popular North American eSports Organization Cloud9. The brand has launched its first collection with the org, however quantities are limited and the clothing will sell for $25 to $75 and be available for purchase on the websites of both companies.

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