Project A: Riot Games’ Answer To Valve’s CSGO

Details surface about Riot’s new FPS shooter game, Project-A

Riot Games back at their 10-year anniversary celebration in October 2019 announced Project-A, a character-based tactical FPS shooter game. Riot shared some early footage showing some cool character abilities and precise gunplay. The game looked a lot like a cross between CS:GO and Overwatch. The game also promises to make strides in eliminating cheating incidents and featuring a flawless net code to enhance the player experience.

To date, no new information or leaks were available other than the official teaser by Riot, but this week former CS:GO Pro payer and Commentator Henry Greer aka HenryG got a chance to try out the game. Riot Games invited HenryG to play Project A at their European office. Later, HenryG shared his views about the games and as everyone predicted the game takes elements from both CS:GO and Overwatch.

Similar to CS:GO, the game will be 5on5 round-based where players will need to plant or defend against the bomb, buy weapons and equipment from a resource pool that carries over from round to round. The game also features CS-like maps with chokepoints and lanes.

Similar to Overwatch, each character will have special abilities, but these abilities won’t recharge passively and need to be purchased at the very start of around.

According to Henry, the game’s economy will have a huge impact, with weapons, equipment, and special abilities all sharing the same money pool, the player will be limited to either gear-up fully or partial gear-up with a special ability.

The game is still in the early development cycle and things can still change drastically or just minorly, so it’s better to wait for an open beta and experiencing the game firsthand.

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