The car believed to be Phil's.

In a disheartening turn of events for the 23 year old professional Call of Duty gamer Phillip ‘Phizzurp’ Klemenov. It is believed that Phizzurp passed away in a horrific car accident this morning.


A player belonging to H2k, Phizzurp was streaming only hours ago before being succumbed to serious injuries.News of his death reached to the media this morning via his girlfriend who shared an emotional video explaining the whole situation.

Alcohol and over-speeding is believed to be the cause of this tragic accident said Sgt. Baumfalk from the Aura Police Department. According to the officers, a black Infinity vehicle lost control and ended up on the sidewalk via several trees and a light pole.

Other than Philip, his girlfriend Adrianna was occupied in the car which faced a major accident. “Phil lost control of the car, we flipped into a pole and through three trees. I was the only one that was conscious and I just want to let you guys know. He was a great guy he did not deserve this. Phil is such a good man and I loved him so much. He was so kind,” said Adrianna.

Our blessings goes to Philip’s family and friends who are right now in a shock state.