the boston major

Valve has announced DotA 2 – The Boston Major which will be hosted by PGL in December 2016, marking this year’s third major.

The Boston Major will be presented by PGL at Wang Theater in Boston, USA.  The main event is scheduled from December 7 to 10th.

The Boston Major

A total of Sixteen teams will be battling in the form of a single-elimination playoff bracket in a best of three games, with the best of five being played for grand finals. The prize pool of the event marks $30,00,000. The group stages will be played from 3rd until 4th December which will determine the teams advancing to the playoffs. The main event is scheduled to be from December 7th to 10th in Boston.

Those who wish to attend the main event can start buying their tickets from October 14th. The open qualifiers and regional qualifiers will run from October 23rd to 30th.