Honoring the CS:GO players and the esports community at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen, Prime Minister of Denmark Honorable Lars Løkke Rasmussen inaugurated the event on the final day. Welcoming the audience to the Royal Arena, the PM assured the event’s going to be a BLAST.

The Honorable Prime Minister referred the crowd and the online viewers as fantastic, welcoming the teams and contestants from across the globe.

Rasmussen acknowledged the hard work, dedication and training of the professionals. Furthermore, motivating the industry and its people, the Prime Minister cited the players as “e-gaming pioneers.”

“You have not wasted your time. Your explanation days are over. You’re truly sportsmen, following your dreams. e-gaming pioneers! The game has brought people from all continents, and religion together. You are the inspiration for the world of tomorrow.” – Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said.

Minister Lars humorously emphasized that Counter Strike is a world of its own and he has little knowledge of “eco rounds,” “ct’s” and “t’s.”

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2018 is hosting six of the world’s best CSGO teams. Offering them an opportunity to share $250,000 among them. The event is stationed for the weekend at Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Prime Minister of Denmark’s Esports Speech