Ppd retires from professional Dota 2

The veteran Dota 2 player has decided to bid goodbye to his professional Dota 2 career.

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Through a blog post released on Monday, Ninjas in Pyjamas declared that their captain would be ending his Dota 2 journey.

Peter “ppd” Dager is a veteran Dota 2 player and the former CEO of Evil Geniuses. The announcement of him ending his competitive Dota 2 career caught millions of fans off-guard. He also made a statement through a Tweet on this sudden departure.

In his full statement the former TI champion wrote about how he had spent his entire twenties “competing in video game competitions” and that he was “looking for something else” that he didn’t think he could find in his “current position.” He further mentioned that he wanted to focus on his “personal growth rather than competition versus others”. He further said he “didn’t feel bad about it” and that he believed “change is healthy”. He also didn’t forget to thank everyone who believed in him, his fans and haters.

NiP themselves also thanked Peter in their blog post and complimented him by saying he was “now part of the NiP legacy and will be remembered as one of the greats, in NiP and esports alike.” The post was followed by some words from Jonas Gundersen – COO of NiP – and the man ppd himself on him finishing his long journey.

It is truly a sad day in the history of Dota 2. Without any room for doubt, ppd is one of the greatest players to ever have touched the game. His playmaking skills are unmatched to this day and he led his former EG team to victory in The International 2015.

We, along with millions of other Dota 2 fans are certainly saddened by ppd’s decision but this day would come someday. Regardless, we hope for a bright future for the former NiP captain and wish him a splendid thirties’ life.

“Once a Ninja, always a Ninja” – NiP, in their blog post on ppd.

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