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Mumbai Police promotes social distancing with PUBG Red Zone reference

During this COVID-19 pandemic, a lockdown has been implemented throughout India and people have been requested to stay at their homes (not only just in India but all around the world) to be safe from this COVID-19 virus. Delhi and Maharashtra are the two major states that have been heavily affected by COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

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Recently, Mumbai Police shared a small clip-on their twitter handle featuring a scene from the game PUBG PC where a player is seen hiding inside a house during the time of the red zone in the game. Does this video include an important message behind it? You can watch the video below:

Now let’s breakdown the real reason behind Mumbai Police sharing this particular scene from the game and what they’re trying to convey to the people. Since the numbers of cases of COVID-19 are significantly raising everyday in Maharashtra, the police officials are requesting people through this post to stay at their homes and to stay safe.

The red zone that is being depicted in the game is nothing but dangerous areas,referred to as hotspots where the most number of cases of COVID-19 have been found.

With this video, the police officials are also trying to convey the message to its fellow citizens to not only stay at their homes but to also stay away from areas that have been labelled as hotspots of COVID-19 by the government. This video could also be depicting that you can spend your time at home by playing games online such as PUBG PC, who knows, hah!

Anuj Rautela
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