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Pokimane to host hot tub stream for her birthday

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has promised the a hot tub stream for her birthday with fellow OfflineTV members like Scarra, LilyPichu and Disguised Toast.

Pokimane has never shied away from criticizing Twitch for unclear ToS that has given rise to the “hot tub” stream meta.

Twitch has been plagued with streamers in swimwear hanging out around swimming pools/bathtubs and interacting with their fans. Though such streamers are housed within the “Just Chatting” category, the insane viewership often lands them on the front page of Twitch.

Even though she was critical of Twitch not doing anything about their platform getting saturated with content other than gaming, she herself has decided to host one. Given the big names involved, its likely that the group will involve in a series of activities throughout the entirety of the stream.

It goes without saying that Pokimane’s stream will most likely be a parody filled with laughs and giggles rather than suggestive content. We are just 4 days away from her birthday on the 14th of May and time will tell what she along with OTV has in store for us.

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