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Pokimane talks about the adverse effects of Valorant on her life

Imane Anys aka Pokimane has explained why she has been spending less time with Valorant, which is arguably the most popular game around. Even though she loves the game, there are facets to it that she doesn’t appreciate.

Valorant has taken the world by storm and everyone is playing it but it can’t be said that the experience has been the same for all. Pokimane for one has encountered several acts of misogyny, toxicity, and sexism when playing the game which has been “exhausting” for her, which is why the daily hours she spends in the game has reduced significantly.

“I love Valorant so much, but I frequently feel like my life would be better off playing it less. Opening myself up to 4 other people’s toxicity & sexism every single game is simply exhausting,” read her Tweet on her alt account.


Toxicity is something everyone deals with when playing competitive games. Even though there are measures taken to keep it in control, a game cannot truly be free of these things as long as it remains competitive.

This is not a problem that can be vanished overnight, so the best way around it is for gamers to realize and be responsible when playing the game and consider the profound impact that their behavior can have on the lives of others.

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