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Pokimane cries while explaining her Twitch break

Pokimane has finally explained her silence and change in streaming schedule and as many would have guessed it had to do with her health.

Pokimane broke down in tears when explaining what caused her to take a break to which fans have responded by offering plethora of support. Since her announcement for a break in mid July, Pokimane has broken her silence in September.

September 1st saw Pokimane drop a video where she explains the break and all the changes that are to come in the following days, including type of content and a new streaming schedule.

Source: Pokimane Twitter

“I do recognize that putting myself out there so much, especially streaming, it revolves around this constant feedback loop of people telling you what they think of you. From seven-second TikTok clips to 10-minute YouTube videos to 10-hour streams, and they all revolve around comments.” she says.

 “at a point in my life where it doesn’t feel creatively fulfilling to feed into that anymore.” according to her.

“Streaming and gaming does fit in there, but it doesn’t have to be everything,” she said.

“My heart yearns for more, and it yearns to explore more, while still keeping that part of my identity, and I really hope you guys can be understanding of that.”

From now onwards, Pokimane will be starting a “new chapter” which likely means that less of her streaming content and more things on rest of the platforms. Streams will likely get reduced to 2-3 times a week but fans can find her on the likes of TikTok.

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