Free Fire ‘Guess the Ambassador’ Event: Everything you need to know

Free Fire is launching a new event named Operation Chrono or 'Guess the Ambassador' in which players have to complete different set of tasks to earn exclusive rewards.

free fire guess the ambassador
Free Fire Guess The Ambassador Event

Free Fire is a popular battle-royale game especially known for its exquisite cosmetic lineup for weapons and characters along with their massive in-game events that come into the limelight every season. The game is well known to amplify their scale of events and this time, a new event called “Operation Chrono” or Guess the Ambassador has been introduced in Free Fire.

This event is similar to the large-scale events like Money Heist that took place in the game some seasons ago. This event is said to launch a new character at the end and apparently, this event will be huge. Recently, leaks suggested that Free Fire is collaborating with soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo and this event mentions his name at the very start.

What Is Guess The Ambassador Event In Free Fire

This event will run from December 2nd to December 21st where players can participate in five different sub-events and complete the designated tasks to earn subsequent events till the end. The ultimate reward is still a mystery but apart from that, other simple tasks can award some exclusive gifts.

Players can participate in this event by following the steps given below:

How To Collect Pieces For ‘Guess The Ambassador’ In Free Fire:

  • Open Free Fire and go to the event section.
  • Click on the ‘Guess the Ambassador’ banner in Free Fire and enter the event.
  • A screen with the message will open up. Type Cristiano Ronaldo in the box and it will award you some gifts.

There is another event known as Jigsaw puzzle where players need to find a total of five code combinations and after unlocking the five pieces, a Cyber Swing Baseball Bat skin will be redeemed as a reward.

Free Fire Jigsaw Code – How To Get It?

A simple way to complete the puzzle is to get five codes and players can earn them by sharing their own code and asking code from their friends. They can also earn the coupons by visiting the Free Fire social media handles and once all the codes are earnt, you can earn the skin.

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