Amouranth Dethrones Pokimane As The Most Watched Twitch Streamer

Imane Anas aka Pokimane has been the most watched female streamer on Twitch for the longest of times, however, recent statistics indicate that she is no longer on the throne as the most watched female streamer.

Pokimane is a global celebrity, she has been dubbed the queen of Twitch even after facing serious challenges from a lot of prominent streamers but she held her ground. Over the years, she has elevated her content and updated it to fit the trends.

Who Is Most Watched Female Twitch Streamer?

Pokimane’s reign as the queen of Twitch has finally come to an end, courtesy to Amouranth aka Kaitlyn Siragusa.

Image via StreamHatchet

Amouranth together with male streamers, ranks 56th spot among streamers with the most watch hours for Q2 of 2022. Which makes her the only female streamer to make it into the top 100 streamers of 2022.

However, though Amouranth has wiped the floor with pokimane in terms of watched hours, it must be also taken into consideration that former streams for longer sessions and much more frequently.