Twitch streamer ImperialHal swatted during Twitch stream

Philip Dosen aka ImperialHal is a prominent Apex Legends streamer who can be seen streaming on Twitch on a daily basis. Being a member of TSM, he streams directly from the TSM Pro House which got swatted during one of his live streams, prompting him to end the stream immediately.

Swatting has grown by alarming numbers in recent times, for those unaware, Swatting is when a someone calls the authorities on you informing of a serious offense going on. The emergency services who are a call away for critical situations waste their time and resources on a false alarm.

Popular streamers and celebrities are getting swatted these days by viewers who consider this fun, when it is far from it.

“They told me I should do something about it, but what am I supposed to do? I can’t really do anything about it.” said Dosen.

After the dust settled, Dosen got back to streaming for the rest of the day. It is quite clear that swatting episode threw him off his game but he did hang his viewers out to dry.