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Pokimane Admits Andrew Tate saga is sad

Pokimane’s hiatus ended with saddening news, and she has been suffering from mental burnout for the entire time, making it increasingly difficult for her to maintain her previous schedule.

Pokimane broke down in tears when explaining what caused her to take a break, to which fans have responded by offering a plethora of support. Since she announced a break in mid-July, Pokimane has broken her silence in September.

September 1st saw Pokimane drop a video where she explains the break and all the changes that will come in the following days, including the type of content and a new streaming schedule.

“I do recognize that putting myself out there so much, especially streaming, it revolves around this constant feedback loop of people telling you what they think of you. From seven-second TikTok clips to 10-minute YouTube videos to 10-hour streams, and they all revolve around comments.” she said at the time.

During the podcast, pokimane said, “I think to me it just made me sad because I thought as internet users we had kind of moved past this sort of talk, this sort of misogyny, this sort of rhetoric, and to see it come back and rise in such a massive manner I guess was just surprising and kind of sad to see, especially in regards to the harassment it resulted in.”

“Sometimes as a gimmick, sometimes for the memes or the laughs or whatever, right?” She later added, “But I guess to me it just shows young men must not have many people to listen to or many people that are giving them advice like this; many role models that are kind of guiding them.”

“And I’m sure there are issues that both genders face, and young dudes need some assistance, I guess.”

The podcast concluded that Tate’s influence had been nothing short of a disaster for the community and his getting banned everywhere shows his negative side to everyone.

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