PMPL Scrims Season 3 Week 2 Day 1 A vs B Recap

Photo: PUBG Mobile

Coming into week 2, there were some changes in the teams in all the groups respectively.

Group A – POWER888 ESPORT, SouL, Marcos Gaming, SynerGE, UMExRxN, Megastars, vsgCRAWLERS, TSM-Entity.

Group B – Made in Thailand (MiTH), Aura Esport, DEADEYES GUY, JyanMaara, TeamIND, ORANGE ROCK, Elementrix, INES.

Game 1 was on Erangle Map like always. The new teams that were added to the groups from SEA region were showing a dominating performance from the beginning of the game. MiTH was the only SEA team that made it into top 5, and they were on fire right from word go. The single taps of M164a from MiTH | Stoned helped him secure 7 kills whereas MiTH | PONDzai secured 8 kills for the team. Team MiTH secured a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with a total of 18 kills.

Game 2 of Sanhok was all about South Asian teams going toe to toe with each other. Team Elementrix eliminated Aura Esport around Ruins early in the game. In the final zones it came down to three teams- TeamIND, Marcos Gaming and SynerGE. However, it was TeamIND who got the Chicken Dinner with a total of 7 kills followed by team SynerGE who secured 2nd position with 14 kills.

In Game 3 of Miramar, POWER888 ESPORT knocked out team TSM-Entity and Aura Esport. Team MiTH and Team SouL decided to take the centre of the zone early on and that proved beneficial for them. In the final circle, the fight was between POWER888, MiTH and SouL. Mortal tried to go for heal battle but failed, PW88 | Korpaii came out on top with 9 kills and 1268 damage, helping POWER888 Esport secure Chicken Dinner with a total of 19 kills.

In Vikendi, POWER888 Esport got wiped out by team SynerGE near Tovar. However, team TSM-Entity showed a very aggressive gameplay as they wiped out Aura Esport early in the game and were consistently looking for fights. Team U-Mumba wiped out Team SouL in the 6th zone. Team Elementrix, vsgCRAWLERS and JyanMara were holding their ground around some compounds, they were inside the zone for a long time and it was a total mess. In the end it was a 4v4 between Elementrix and vsgCRAWLERS, but due a bad “molotov” by ExHy0zu that knocked him, vsgCRAWLERS decided to push towards team Elementrix and secured an easy chicken dinner with 8 kills.

Game 5 was played on Erangle. It seemed like the entire team of SynerGE got disconnected early on in the game. POWER888 Esport wiped out Aura Esport in an open field fight. South Asian teams were on a roll in this game, TeamIND continuously securing top 5 position but it was team MiTH with their 3 man show throughout the game because of which they secured their 2nd Chicken Dinner for the day with 10 kills. MiTH PONDzai with 7 kills and 1279 damage was the MVP of the last game. Here are the overall standings after day 1:

Team MiTH 105 points and 2 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner // Photo via PUBG Mobile

TeamIND Stepping up!

TeamIND securing 2nd position overall after Day1 with 67 total points and 22 kills and a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner to their name. INDTrance played superbly in today’s games being the top fragger for the team and 4th in terms of maximum damage dealer overall

Top 5 Fraggers

Photo via PUBG Mobile

MiTH PONDzai leading with 19 kills followed by SGEted with 11 kills. PW88 | Korpaii sitting on 3rd with 10 kills followed by MiTH Stoned having 10 kills and MiTH Online24 with 9 kills. (3 out of 4 members of team MiTH in Top 5)