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Zombies Esports banned from PMPL Arabia

Zombies Esports is disqualified from PUBG Mobile Pro League: Arabia Season One after one of their player named BREAK was found hacking in the tournament. Hacking has been the most severe problem in the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem and it has been plaguing the community for the last two years. The esports team has increased its efforts to identify hackers and apparently results are visible.

Arabia is a new region that is added to the PUBG Mobile Pro League tournament circuit. This tournament is of utmost importance for the regional teams as the winners get a chance to represent themselves at global stages and they also claim a lion’s share of the prize pool.

Zombies Esports was the highest-scoring team in this tournament with perfect scores since the start. They were dominating in this tournament before being banned and were leading scoreboards in the Super Weekend for two weeks consecutively. Their success was short-lived as the PUBG Mobile Esports team have found a hacker amongst this roster.

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Break was one of their most influential players and was caught cheating. This player has received a competitive ban and as per usual proceedings, he might be banned for a year from participating in any official tournament. His entire team has been disqualified from the tournament and his fellow players are being checked for cheating.

PMPL Arabia Season One is currently heading into its last week of League play. As Zombies Esports has been disqualified, their top spot will be taken by Gunz Esports and other standings will be adjusted accordingly. After the last Super Weekend, the top sixteen teams will qualify for the Grand finals to gain a spot in the international tournament.

Many players have received banhammer by PUBG Mobile Esports for hacking or cheating in the last few months and BREAK was the first player from the Arabian region to be banned from PMPL Arabia. Further action against the entire roster will be taken after a thorough reviewing process is completed.

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