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PMCO Fall Split Global Championship – Team list

After an extravagant show at Delhi, the PMCO Fall Split regional qualifiers have concluded and all teams advancing to the Global Finals have been confirmed. PMCO Fall Split Global Finals will take place from November 23rd-December 1st at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Global Final teams

The Putra World Trade centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will host all the winning squads from regional tournaments as well as runner ups from South-east Asia and South-Asia finals. Previous year’s winners, Top Esports have directly qualified and the host country, Malaysia also received one guaranteed slot.

  1. Entity Gaming (South Asia)
  2. Team Soul (South Asia)
  3. Cloud9 (North America)
  4. Team Unique (Europe)
  5. Kurd Squad (MENA)
  6. Team Queso (South America)
  7. EGC KR Black (Korea)
  8. ARG Wistaria (Japan)
  9. Unicorn Gaming (Wildcard region)
  10. RRQ Atena (Southeast Asia)
  11. ILLUMINATE (Southeast Asia)
  12. Yoodo Gank (Malaysia)
  13. Top Esports (China)
  14. Winner of the PMCO Prelims
  15. Runners-up of the PMCO Prelims
  16. Third-placed squad of the PMCO Prelims

PMCO Preliminary round

The prelims of the PMCO will be held from November 23rd to 25th. Teams securing second place from wildcard region, Japan, Korea, South America, and MENA will be playing in the prelims. The runners-up and third-placed squad from North America, and Europe region as well as three teams from Southeast Asia and the third to fifth-placed teams from the South Asia regional finals will be competing in the prelims. Here’s the complete list:

  1. SynerGE (South Asia)
  2. Team Insidious (South Asia)
  3. Team IND (South Asia)
  4. Tempo Storm (North America)
  5. OMEN Elite (North America)
  6. Asterion Myth (Europe)
  7. Futbolist (Europe)
  8. SWAT69 (MENA)
  9. RED Canids (South America)
  10. Kimchi Kids Café (Korea)
  11. DeToNator (Japan)
  12. Nomad Gaming (Wildcard region)
  13. Bigetron (Southeast Asia)
  14. Orange Esports. CG (Southeast Asia)
  15. MEGA Conqueror (Southeast Asia)
  16. Victory Five (China) (Direct invite)

The top three performers from the Preliminary round will advance to PMCO Fall Split Global finals.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates!


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