PlayStation Studios now have a Steam page, hints at upcoming PC games

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Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the first triple-A Sony titles to release on PC which was a massive success on the platform and reinforced Sony’s decision to bring more games to its users as a way to entice them to switch to the PlayStation 5 for the upcoming sequel. This also led to the announcement of Days Gone on PC and with it, Sony Mobile Entertainment have established themselves as a publisher on Steam which leads to the creation of their own curator page as a result.

The curator store page gives us a few hints about their upcoming titles on PC. Their ‘featured’ page shows that there are a total of three games under the ‘New Releases’ tab –  Helldivers, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Predator: Hunting Grounds, along with 21 DLCs for both Helldivers and Predator: Hunting Grounds in total, while their ‘Upcoming Releases’ tab shows Days Gone which is scheduled to release on May 18, 2021.

However, heading to their curator page’s ‘About’ section reveals that there are currently 41 games, out of which 17 are hidden from users. It’s fairly obvious that neither Days Gone nor Horizon Zero Dawn has any DLCs, as all previously released downloadable content is included in the base release for PC, while Helldivers already has all DLC content listed and probably won’t be getting anything new, and that leaves us with Predator: Hunting Grounds which might get a handful of content but it still wouldn’t explain the remaining hidden ‘games’.

At least one of these unlisted games might be another first-party game, according to rumors after Days Gone, we might see one of these titles in the future; Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, The Last of Us, or the Uncharted collection.

It’s safe to say with E3 on the horizon, we won’t have to wait long for another announcement.

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