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s1mple reveals ‘Play Like s1mple’ to Level Up Your CS2 Skills

Masterclass with the Champion

Counter-Strike enthusiasts now have a unique opportunity to elevate their gameplay with insights from one of the game’s most celebrated players. Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev, renowned for his exceptional skills and strategic prowess, has launched an educational initiative aptly named “Play Like s1mple“. This groundbreaking program promises to provide a comprehensive learning experience for players at all levels, aiming to replicate the success and style of s1mple himself.

Oleksandr s1mple Kostyliev

The “Play Like s1mple” course is a meticulously crafted curriculum that includes over 60 interactive video sessions, focusing on in-game tactics and career development. It covers a wide range of topics, from aim training and positioning to game sense, teamwork, and decision-making. The program is designed to cater to the needs of players at different skill levels, ensuring that everyone from beginners to advanced competitors can benefit from s1mple’s extensive knowledge.

Participants will not only learn through video tutorials and strategy guides but will also have the chance to engage in live coaching sessions conducted by s1mple himself. This direct interaction is a rare opportunity for players to receive personalized feedback and guidance from a top-tier professional.

The first three lessons of the course are offered for free, allowing players to get a taste of the quality and depth of the content before committing to the full program. Those who choose to pay for the course will gain access to over 50 additional lessons, each packed with valuable insights and practical exercises.

s1mple has expressed his enthusiasm for sharing all the knowledge he’s accumulated throughout his illustrious career. During his break from professional play for personal reasons, he gained different perspectives on the game, which he now brings to his teaching. Despite his venture into education, s1mple reassures fans that this new endeavor won’t distract him from competing at the highest level.

The program also offers unique features such as participating in tournaments, becoming part of a community of like-minded CS2 enthusiasts, and personal interaction with s1mple. Moreover, it has partnered with FACEIT to provide members with premium features and exclusive content.

An annual subscription to “Play Like s1mple” is priced at approximately $100, which is a small investment for continuous access to knowledge and resources that could significantly impact a player’s performance. Registration for the program is limited, ensuring that each participant receives ample attention and support.

For those looking to join the ranks of competitive CS2 players or simply improve their game, “Play Like s1mple” is an unparalleled resource. With s1mple’s proven track record of success and his commitment to sharing his expertise, this course is set to become a cornerstone of CS2 education.

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