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Pimp has been overwatch banned from CSGO temporarily

Jacob “Pimp” Winneche is a former professional CSGO player who’s often seen streaming on Twitch and is known for his helpful tips and advice regarding the game. The 24-year-old analyst seemed to be unhappy with the matchmaking experience in CSGO as he claimed to have received an overwatch ban from the game.

Through a tweet recently, Pimp has reported that he has received a 35-day Overwatch ban from CSGO. His disappointment might have been revealed at the end of his tweet as he perhaps mockingly wrote, “Thanks matchmaking, was fun.”

Through a follow-up tweet, he elaborated the situation. From the tweet, it appears that his ban might have been unjust as he called the incident “beyond stupid”. He claimed to have been in a game against “5 obv. cheaters” and that while he and his team wanted to surrender, one of his teammates “felt it was funnier to act out like an idiot” by refusing to surrender the game. Pimp claims the incident was wasting the time of him and his 2800 live viewers on Twitch, and that he lost his cool and killed him once, resulting in the 35-day ban.

Through another follow-up tweet he expressed his shock for not being able to play on FACEIT either. He asked Mikey if he was allowed to create a second account connected to his second steam account which is generally prohibited on FACEIT. “This is getting a bit toooo stupid for my taste,” he added.

The Overwatch system in CSGO is a unique method introduced in the game for battling out cheaters and griefers, but on some rare occasions, innocents are also seen getting caught in the crossfire. The overwatches are generally provided with limited information which may not be sufficient to draw the correct conclusion. But there is still a chance that Valve will manually review this 35-day ban of Pimp and perhaps reduce the length of the ban depending upon the severity of the violations if any.

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