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Phasmophobia: All Cookie Location Of Holiday Event 2022

Where to find Phisophobia Christmas cookies is crucial for completing the holiday event successfully. You should encounter six cookie locations on each map, include them on a plate in your van and then feed them to the troll ghost. It may not be easy to locate these cookies, so that’s where this guide comes in!


  • Living Room: on a small table with a tablecloth
  • Dining Room: on one of the chair seats
  • Workshop: near a red heater
  • Kitchen: next to the sink
  • Upstairs Hallway: on a table next to the attic stairs
  • Upstairs Hallway: on the chair where voodoo spawns

Camp Woodwind

  • Food Tent: next to the yellow bowl
  • Yellow Tent: table next to the door
  • Lovers Bench: two cookies are on the bench
  • Red Tent: pick up the frying pan to get the cookie
  • Campfire: on the wooden seat with two s’mores sticks on it


  • Entrance: on a table next to the tarot spawn
  • Kitchen: on the kitchen table
  • Dining Room: on the dining room table
  • Basement: on a wooden table in the hallway
  • Upstairs Hallway: on the table next to the stairs
  • Upstairs Hallway: on the table next to the master bedroom


  • Workshop: on the stool
  • Dining Room: on the dining room table
  • Master Bedroom: on the vanity beside the bed
  • Nursery: on a desk behind the phone
  • Upstairs Bedroom: on a desk behind the radio
  • Kitchen: on the kitchen counter next to the workshop door


  • Living Room: on the coffee table
  • Hallway: found on the desk in the room with a computer
  • Garage: on a shelf found in the back with spray paint cans
  • Teenager’s Bedroom: on the dresser shelf
  • Boy’s Bedroom: on the computer desk
  • Basement: on the chair to the left as you enter the basement


  • Entrance Table: in front of the lamp
  • Kitchen: found on the island
  • Dining Room: dining room table on the vase
  • Garage: in the red tool chest furthest from the door
  • Basement: on the ouija board table
  • Utility Room: on the washing machine


  • Garage: on the wooden table opposite corner from the door
  • Kitchen: on a cutting board on the kitchen counter
  • Boy’s Room: on the computer desk
  • Basement: on the floor near the left storage room
  • Living Room: on the coffee table
  • Master Bedroom: on the small table with a plant
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