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PayMoneyWubby banned again by Twitch, the third time within 13 months

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Dennis Richardson, aka PayMoneyWubby, is a Twitch Streamer who mainly focuses on Comedic content. Many people equate his comedy to figures like iDubbbzTV and CallMeCarson but unlike those, he streams regularly on Twitch.

Yesterday, on December 29th, Wubby received his third strike from Twitch, just 2 days after his latest broadcast. The streamer Tweeted out saying “How not Poggers of them”.

According to him, the latest Twitch strike came on December 29. Similar to his two previous bans, there’s no telling why his account was banned as Twitch hasn’t responded to his query.  However, various comments point towards some explicit content in his last stream being the cause of this third strike.

According to Official Twitch Policy, any individual or account receiving three strikes (bans) will be banned permanently on the platform.

Wubby’s previous dealings with Twitch resulted in great confusion and frustration for him. Twitch had actively ignored his appeals on previous bans, which resulted in Wubby mocking the platform on tweeter and threatening to move to Mixer.

Getting banned for a 3rd time without any explanation, Wubby took to Twitter almost immediately and mocked Twitch by retweeted a tweet from Streamerbans—

“How not Poggers of them”

As a result of his third consecutive strike on Twitch, PayMoneyWubby might permanently be banned from the platform. And with how little Twitch is trying to co-operate with the streamer on 3rd ban, it’s entirely plausible that his account isn’t getting restored anytime soon. 

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