Pakistan owns a firm slot but not India at WESG APAC 2017 qualifiers

wesg apac
WESG APAC Final 2016

WESG, the World Electronic Sports Games is back for the year 2017. After the Europe & CIS regional qualifiers, the organization is moving east to determine the teams for the LAN finals. India, which had a standalone slot last year under the division “India & Middle East” was not found in the mainframe.

The Alibaba funded esports event featured Starcraft, Hearthstone, CS: GO and DotA 2 in their first inaugural fest last year with $ 1.5 million as prizes.

wesg apac
WESG APAC, 2017, Hearthstone competition mainstage

The 2017’s version of WESG APAC has more to the platter as Pakistan has been assigned a dedicated slot. Surely, this will bring the best out of the country, which has emerged in the growth of esports in the recent time.

The WESG 2017 finals will be hosted in March 2018, in China where the Alisports backed group will host the winners of the regional qualifiers. The registrations are open for the participants to get enrolled in the WESG APAC qualifiers, where the organizers also warn participants to constrain any foul play during mentioning their nations.

India, however, has been merged with sub-regions, South Asia & South East Asia, which has two slots for CS:GO, where it has to fight twelve countries in order to make their way from the WESG APAC qualifiers, SE & SEA region.

  • Nepal
  • Srilanka
  • Bhutan
  • Bangladesh
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • East Timor
  • Afghanistan
  • Maldives

Other than SE & SEA, Australia and China also have two slots each for their country. In general group, 20 tickets for each game will be allocated to WESG APAC final, wheres from winners of the sub-region will be invited to China to take part in the LAN event, all the traveling and accommodation expenses will be covered by Alisports.

Considering how poorly the Indian qualifiers in the previous year were handled, (didn’t even exist) it will be interesting to know if we, as a country can make the most of the opportunity when it has knocked low and far from a distance than the previous year.