Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant has now declared that it will have a worldwide CS:GO competition with $1.5 million in prize cash. The event will start progressing in the month of April and will be hosted by its very own Alisports.

The occasion, called the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG), will occur in December, in China, and will pay out an aggregate of $5.5 million over the esports competitions that will be held.

An aggregate of $1.5 million will be partaken in the CS:GO competition, which is an unequaled high prize pool for the game, surpassing the $1 million that is on offer at the Majors and the $1.2 million that will be in question in ELEAGUE per season.


The primary release of the WESG will happen in Alibaba’s nation of origin, however the Chinese organization is keen on facilitating future occasions everywhere throughout the globe and has welcomed different nations to submit applications for the 2017 emphasis. In the interim, Alisports – Alibaba’s branch will be accountable for the occasion.