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Orange Esports Beats Ate Gaming – What went wrong?

Alike the previous season, where #AteGaming won flawlessly against #Orange Esports and people were starting to think about the revolution been accepted by the top organization; there comes in the picture of an identical yet disorted showmatch hosted by Professional Gamers between Ate.Gaming and Orange Esports.

Orange Esports, lead by areel, Pufffyy, Rwa, vvanro and IzzatR, whereas;
Ate. Gaming was lead by iBRA, astarrr, MithilF, RitZ and Krishh.

Match Summary:

Well, it started off with Ate. Gaming leading the pistol round (T-side) in de_train_se getting down the players of Orange consecutively thrice, where iBRA and astarrr were the opening fraggers with the support from the rest. It started getting away from the guns round which showed the lack of practice and strategies at Ate.Gaming’s end, Orange’s players on the other hand with lots of revised attempts on the resources succeded. The first map started to trickle away and it felt in favor of Orange Esports with final readings as 16/4.

The first half of next map, de_nuke_se, similarly was lead by our boys, and it was being supplicated that we might need a third one, but yet again they failed to stand against them precisely and the map too went against. However, in the second map, we felt few times when MithilF and astarrR along with iBRA dragged a few rounds and steered them towards the win, but then and there, they finished with final scorings two counts more than the first one, i.e. 16/6.

Thus, conclusively the score went 2-0 to Orange Esports, we too felt that it went drastically on many notes;

  • Lack of team support, practices.
  • Miscommunications; players from AteGaming weren’t playing from a particular place, they were assembled in the server only.
  • Of course, the experience and hard work by OrangeEsports.
  • Perfect Aimers at the other end; We visioned a couple of times where players from Ate were not able to 1on1 wisely and getting beaten up each time there was face-off individually.

We, however, managed to get the IGL from Ate Gaming, “Tejas ‘iBRA” Sawant and had few of the queries and the drawback results from the past.

TE Staff:

First of all, a quiet sad result about the latest match versus Orange, how you’d been doing around?

Tejas ‘iBRA’ Sawant: Well.. it is obviously not the result we wanted, we were trying our level best to work out, but the server didn’t favor us… yet no excuses, we lost and we accept it.

TES: Apart from the improper server what do you claim? like what stopped you from getting a win?

iBRA: We lacked team co-ordination, Mithil was lagging.. he was getting stuck in between and there were a lot of miscommunications because of the different locations we were playing from.

TES: Taking it as a lesson, what do you plan to choose the next time? any alterations in the team? or some more of boot camps?

iBRA: We have a slot at ESWC, we can’t let our fans drown, this result has made us even more passionate and determined about practicing hard and make our team and fans proud! We will be starting our boot camp sessions and also will be constructing some strategies to base upon and try not to make our fans disappointed the next time.

TES: Well, that sounds good.. as hosting boot camps might help in a favorable result ending-up something much better than this, also ESWC is approaching, wish you, your mates and Ate.Gaming a very good luck!

Tejas ‘iBRA’ Sawant: thx! we’ll try our level best, and good luck to your team as well.. you guys are doing a great Job, TalkEsport!

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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