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What is the Number of Active Players in Wuthering Waves

Ever since Wuthering Waves was released, the game has been successful in captivating a sizable player base. Kuro Games, the developers of the game, regularly release patches and updates to maintain the player experience. With that being said, the gaming community was left speculating the real number of players on Wuthering Waves daily. Let’s take a look at the number of active players in Wuthering Waves.

Screenshot of Wuthering Waves gameplay on Mac using an Android emulator.

While there is no way to find out the real numbers as there is no way to track the daily player count and Kuro Games have not released any statistics yet. Some estimates suggest that the player count is well over 1 million players as we already saw the game getting 30 million pre-registrations.

This comes after the game facing some criticism during its release. Some even compared Wuthering Waves to another game in open-world RPG category, Genshin Impact. However, Wuthering Waves was able to set itself apart due to its much more intense combat mechanics and a unique storyline.

As mentioned earlier, there is no way to know the exact numbers until Kuro Games releases any statistics, but it is safe to say that Kuro Games are doing everything to keep the player base engaged. The game has already seen a lot of highly rewarding events being added. On top of this, the developers give free rewards every now and then.

With the game being available on Android, iOS and PC, Wuthering Waves is able to capitalize being easily accessible to most. The cherry on top of this cake is that the game is completely free to get and this has been reflected in the game’s rating on Play Store(Android)- 4.3 and App Store(iOS)- 4.4. The game is also confirmed to be releasing on Mac, but we are yet to see a confirmed date for that.

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