Nip roster 2016

With the new year settling things for new rosters and organizations. Ninjas in Pyjamas decided a new way to pick things up for the upcoming year. NiP roster 2016 is being announced in a very unique format and till today they have managed to make the most in anticipating their fans with happiness and some with, disappointment.

NiP roster 2016

Following the announcement of pyth as their fourth player, NiP has taken a huge unavoidable risk of trading a world-class player like allu with a semi-professional tier 2 player. It is a very ambitious project to deal with as far as the recruitment at NiP is concerned, pyth as a player can be a good aimer or an unsung clutcher, but by taking him for granted and expecting that he’d take down the horses against the first-class experienced players at first go, sounds vague.

NiP roster 2016 now has;

  • friberg
  • Xizt
  • f0rest
  • pyth
  • Get_Right

The fifth player is expected to be Get_Right if everything else remain constant, though there are numerous possibilities if they would trade Gtr for someone else or Gtr himself would feel a need to pass by the ambitious roster would be the question. The Swedish rival, fnatic also recently announced that they’d stick to their current roster for the coming year and would not be experimenting any sort of changes just after the departure of the former IGL pronax from the team.

NiP and its players has been struggling past 2014 in making their way to top the scenario after being knocked down by all of the top teams and failing to beat any of them with severe impacts at the majors. The team, which made a historical run with title of undisputed champions for the longest period in the game are now contesting to test new players every season and this year, supposedly pyth is their branch out for 2016.