Ninja receives backlash for Tfue breaking charity stream rules

Turner “Tfue” Tenny was involved in Mr. Beast’s Rock Paper Scissor charity tournament for influencers aimed at raising money and awareness. Hypebeasts from the entertainment industry took part in Mr. Beast’s venture among which were the rivals of streaming industry Ninja and Tfue.

The pair went back and forth in the past with Tfue challenging Ninja to a boxing match. Things got heated when despite having a strict against streaming the event on the participant’s respective channel, Tfue went ahead and took the liberty to broadcast it on his own Twitch channel and leaking Mr. Beast’s phone number and stream link along with the code for the chat group.

As the details leaked, the tournament was flooded with fans desperately try to get in the group thus crashing the tournament. Things took an interesting turn when Turner’s chat was spammed by his fans asking to shift the blame onto Ninja and so did Turner.

Ninja saw this coming and responded on Twitter saying: “Were not supposed to be streaming this bro! the 50k you have can be directed to the main stream where people can donate to the charity :)”

Jessica Blevins, Ninja’s wife, and manager stepped in when she saw the community going after Ninja. She quickly discredited the claims and said that shifting the blame onto Tyler, when he is not at fault is something that is a usual occurrence. She further discredited Tfue’s brother’s opinion by showcasing Tfue’s rapacity for money as he failed to share his viewership with the mainstream which could have helped in raising the money swiftly. She further noted the fact that if FaZe Clan wanted, they could have taken millions off their former player for his misconduct in the past, but FaZe let him go scar-free.

The community is going after Ninja for starting yet another beef, but looking at the bigger picture, all he did was point out Tfue’s mistake. Turner broke the rules and streamed the event, leaking the group chat link and Mr. Beast’s phone number in the process, then went ahead and openly criticized Ninja rather than owning up to his mistake which he did a while later.