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Vadodra, India: Man breaks wife’s spine after she defeats him in Ludo Game

In Vadodara, an online game of ludo took a drastic change when 24-year-old woman’s spine was broken by her husband after she defeated him. The woman suffered serious spinal cord injuries and had to be hospitalized immediately.

As per 181 Abhayam helpline counsellors, the woman used to give tuitions at her home in Vemali to help the family with income. In order to prevent her husband from spending time outside with other people in the society and to make him stay indoors, she told her husband to play online ludo on his mobile phone. After he agreed to play the game, his wife continuously defeated him in three to four rounds consecutively.

A counsellor from 181 Abhayam mentioned in a statement that,

A sore loser, he (the wife’s husband) started arguing with his wife and the verbal duel turned ugly. He started beating her with such ferocity that the woman developed a gap between two of her vertebrae.”

The counsellor further added by saying that, “His ego was hurt thinking that wife outsmarted him and was way more intelligent as she also contributed to the family income.”

The accused man works in a private electronics company and earns sufficient money to sustain both him and his wife. His wife did a beautician’s course and started giving tuitions as they had to pay the instalments of their home loan.

After the incident was discovered, the woman was taken to an orthopaedic surgeon and she decided to move back to her parents instead of going back to his husband after the treatment. “But before that she wanted to go to her home to collect some documents. We then counselled them both”, the counsellor further added.

Chandrakant Makwana, the project coordinator said,

Our counsellors gave options to the woman whether she wanted to lodge a police complaint or settle the issue. In this case since the husband apologized and the woman did not wish to register an offence.”

However, the man was told that he could have been arrested by the police if his wife would have registered a complaint against him as physical torture is a serious crime. “He agreed and apologized to his wife. She too agreed to return to him after spending a few days with her parents,” the counsellor said.

Also, a written undertaking was taken from the couple regarding the matter.


Anuj Rautela
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