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Ninja and wife safe after airplane window cracked

Popular gaming personality Tyler Blevins aka Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins survived a scare when the window of their airplane cracked at 30,000 feet en route to Florida.

Cracking of window is a rare occurrence and extremely dangerous one too, a kind that usually calls for an emergency landing. Lucky enough, the glass was able to hold up until the flight made it to its destination where the couple along with everyone on board was able to land safely.

According to Ninja, the exterior glass incurred a deep crack that may have led to a disaster but to their fortune, the flight managed its way to the airport.

The incident was shared by Ninja on Twitter, where he informed everyone about the incident and that he and Jessica were able to survive the scare.

An airplane being a pressurized container would be in complete turmoil if the crack found its way into the interior glass. An rare occurrence like this is not completely unprecedented but something that should be investigated into.

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