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New Vent Bug in Counter Strike 2 Sparks Player Concerns

As the limited test phase of Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 nears its conclusion, players are still finding new and game-breaking bugs that are becoming a cause of concern in the game’s community.

The Nuke vent bug in CS2 is one of the newest bugs that have been discovered by the player base, and if you’re not aware of it, you can easily find yourself dying unsuspectingly as you try to go down the vents in the iconic Counter-Strike map.

The vents in Nuke are extremely important as they’re used by both CTs and Ts in CS2 to traverse between the A and B-Bombsites. It’s even a common strategy for Ts to rush down the vents at the start of a round to get an early entry into the B-site. However, a bug is frustrating CS2 players as they’re repeatedly dying while attempting to break the vents in Nuke.

Recently, a bunch of videos have surfaced on social media forums where players can be seen knifing the vents without being able to break them. Usually, these vents take a single knife hit to break, which is why a lot of unsuspecting players are dying to their enemies while trying to go down the vents after knifing them once.

CS2 players from throughout the globe are asking Valve to address this issue as soon as possible.

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