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Female Valorant pro reportedly turned down by male players from VCT trials

According to reports, Female professional Valorant players are getting turned down by tier-1 teams in light of male players unwilling to play with women.

Veteran esports personality  Rod “Slasher” Breslau revealed the woes of female professional players during a stream with former CSGO player Sean Gares. Two personalities who are well respected in the gaming and esports space got together to discuss the current affairs in the Valorant space when the topic of VCT Game Changers player Melanie “meL” Capone came up which led to them revealing some disturbing rumors about the professional Valorant scene.

“Every single team that she has tried to scrim with, at a tier one level, has refused to try out because there was at least one player on the team that does not want to play with a woman.” claimed Slasher.

“I heard this exact same thing in Counter-Strike,” Slasher revealed further. “[mimi] was the best female player… They had won every single championship in the women’s league, she was doing great, she was the best player on her team.

“And when I was speaking to her, she was telling me she couldn’t even try-out for tier two teams, or even tier three teams, for the exact same reason. Is that players on those teams did not want to practice with a woman.” 

Even though these allegations are serious, it will be safe to assume there is some truth to them given Slasher has a good track record as a reporter. meL, the player in question is yet to address this but if any of this is true, we as a community need to come together and give women their rightful space in the esports scene.

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