Earlier today, a CSGO update sized at around 625 MB was shipped to the game which introduced many changes to Danger Zone and added few gadgets to change gameplay metas.

The complete patch notes can be found here.

The first part of the update look at the recently added Battle Royale mode in CSGO. Firstly, a whole new map called Sirocco brings out a Dust 2 vibe and sees the addition of multiple new features and gadgets and perks which will heavily impact gameplay.

Players can now choose one item to spawn in the map with. For example, you may choose to spawn with an ExoJump Boost or a Health Shot.

The update allows players the freedom to respawn at any point of the map, given that all players from the squad are alive.

The first new gadget introduced in the game is a bump mine. This gadget can be deployed on the ground and can be used to throw enemies over large distances.

Next up, we have ExoJump Boosts which can help us to access areas which cannot be reached by normal jump and move around the map very quickly.

Lastly, a Ballistic Shield has been added to the game. These shields were a part of 1.6 and have been added to CSGO. However, while using the ballistic shield, one cannot fire back at opponents.

The game sees new features such as Exploration Money Bonus, which gives players extra money for each hexagon covered on the map. It has added Bomb Wave money Bonus where players are granted more money for each ballistic strike that takes place on the map.

Lastly, players can now command their own drones and use it to search for information or steal supplies from the enemies.

The features mentioned above will be added to the game in a future update.

The game has also added a ‘ping’ feature by which teammates can mark spots on the map for the team to see.

However, this update has also made few changes to CSGO gameplay. The crouching speed of players has been increased from 85.00 HU/s to 87.72 HU/s while using the knife. This has led to lowered accuracy while AWPing.

The game also sees the addition of new commands such as “Go A/B, Need Drop, Sorry”   

Lastly, the developers have said that the “lobby” feature in the game will be down till they are able to fix an issue.


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