The latest CSGO update implemented a new beta branch to the game in order to curb the rising cheater count in Valve’s first-person shooter. The new beta branch featured a revamp to the previous anti-cheat system and restricted the use of several third-party programmes while launching CSGO. The change was a welcome one in the community and the fans of the game cheered at Valve’s attempts to fight the cheaters in the game.

However, it appears that the new anti-cheat system didn’t age very well. According to ZooL on Twitter, hackers had already found a way to bypass this security within only an hour of its release.

Furthermore, the anti-cheat system may have done more harm than good, as multiple people have complained that it is causing repeated stutters in CSGO. Fl0m, a popular personality in the CSGO scene, has warned people to not opt into the newest beta branch due to it being “beyond scuffed.” He also mentioned that he was having difficulties to opt out of the beta branch.

Seeing these warnings, users are likely to think twice before opting into the beta branch, at least before an official statement from Valve comes out. Chances are, an update will be issued soon addressing these problems in the beta, and may fix the stuttering issue the players have been facing.

Glancing at the bright side, since this new anti-cheat system by Valve is still in beta, problems shouldn’t be unexpected. However, as time passes and this beta branch gets ready for an official release, these issues should be fixed and the players should be able to enjoy an upgraded version of the system which is likely to be much more difficult for the cheaters to bypass.