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Counter Strike 2 C4 Bug: C4 can be thrown in inaccessible locations

A Reddit user recently shared a video showing how one can throw the C4 in places where you cannot access it again. This type of bug is not new to the franchise as we have already seen such bugs before.

As mentioned earlier, we have already seen such bugs in earlier games in the Counter Strike Franchise. Most notably, such bugs were widespread in Counter Strike Global Offensive. While this bug does not help you win the game, it surely ruins every player’s experience. The bug allows some players aka griefers to throw the C4 in these inaccessible locations, which means the only way your team can win is by eliminating all CTs before the time runs out. The video shared by PixelisMania on Reddit depicted the user throwing the C4 in inaccessible locations of the map. The video shows these bugged locations on three maps:

  • Inferno
  • Nuke
  • Mirage

While PixelisMania has only shown three maps with bugged locations, this raises the possibility of locations on other maps being bugged similarly. This has started the race for developers to search such locations and fix them as quickly as possible to maintain the player experience and engagement.

Developers of Counter Strike 2, Valve are yet to respond or make any official statement. However, players will be desperate for a fix as soon as possible. Such bugs do not help the situation when the developers are already in a constant battle to keep the game cheaters and hackers free.

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