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Counter Strike 2 Patch Notes for 29 May 2024

The Counter-Strike 2 patch released on May 29th, 2024 includes a few minor adjustments to enhance the game’s performance and stability.

CS2 has been on the receiving end of criticism since its release now we are looking at minor improvements that are compounding into massive differences. With tons of problems already plaguing the game this will count as a small step towards improvement.


  • Fixed a bug where the console toggle key would stop working after a Premier pick/ban phase
  • The game now continues accepting keyboard input while a scoreboard player card is open
  • Joystick input is now ignored by default. Joystick input is not an officially supported feature of CS2, but you can restore the old behavior with the -joy launch option


  • Fixed player and bot names on the Team Select screen during bot takeover


  • Fixed a bug where certain graphics configurations resulted in black weapon finishes


  • Fixed an issue where the game client would never reconnect to Counter-Strike Network if launched while there was no connection to Steam Network
  • Steam accounts that have an active account lock are no longer allowed to play on secure Counter-Strike game servers
  • Fixed a bug where view models would bob excessively on Linux

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