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When Is Haven Coming Back To Valorant?

Valorant’s new patch 8.11 is expected to be released in the upcoming days. With VCT Masters Shanghai ending around the corner, many players were left questioning – When is Haven coming back to Valorant? Fortunately, we have the answer to it.

Riot Games had earlier announced that they would be unlocking all maps in all game modes except the competitive mode in the next update. They also added that they will be rotating maps in the Competitive mode map pool. Currently, Ascent, Bind, Breeze, Icebox, Lotus, Split, and Sunset are the maps in the Competitive map pool.

Valorant Haven

This is set to change in the new patch with Breeze and Split will be leaving the map pool and Haven will come back in. This means that we will be able to play on Haven in all game modes in Valorant.

As of now, Riot Games has not announced when the new patch will be released, but we already know that Riot Games had announced the reveal of their new map would be happening at VCT Masters Shanghai. This new map will likely be part of the new patch. Some sources suggest that the new map will be revealed on the final day of VCT Masters Shanghai. So it is very likely that the new patch will be released days after VCT Masters Shanghai. You can expect this to happen somewhere between June 10-20.

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