Netflix Forays into Mobile Gaming

Netflix will introduce mobile games into its streaming application, the company announced yesterday. Netflix Gaming will come in with no added cost and become a part of the streaming platform’s subscription offerings.

The announcement came just after the entertainment streaming platform hired a senior executive from the gaming spectrum.

Netflix Gaming

Netflix plans to focus more on the gaming division which it plans to launch. It is also noteworthy to learn that the platform will have no advertisements or in-app purchases whatsoever, limiting the possibilities of cross-platform or multiplayer games that already exist in the ecosystem. But it will be a part of your subscription, thereby, not asking more money off you.

“There’s a rich opportunity to continue to deliver and advance the technical capability to improve the quality of game experiences we can deliver across the range of devices,”


Netflix isn’t the first major company to try its luck in the gaming sector. In fact, the top tech giants of the world, all have their well-placed bets in the esports and gaming circuit. From Amazon’s Twitch to Google’s YouTube, even Facebook’s Gaming or Microsoft’s Xbox & its competitor Sony’s PlayStations, all the companies have a successful arm in the new emerging industry.

The company is all set to integrate the games into its application early next year. As a result, Netflix shares gained as much as 2.8% to $563.45 in premarket trading Thursday, according to a Bloomberg’s report.