The NPD group, an American market research firm revealed this months game market data and concluded that NBA 2K20 is the top selling video game not just for this month but for all of 2019 (till date).

The game was launched on September 6th, 2019 and has set a new milestone for monthly sales achieved by video games. It dethroned Mortal Kombat 11 as the year’s best selling title and to make things sweeter, Take Two Interactive’s NBA 2K series became the sixth best selling video game franchise ever.

September 2019 can be called as the month of sports games as FIFA 20, Madden 20 and NHL 20 made the month’s top ten sellers list. Surprisingly, NBA 2K20 does not score well when it comes to reviews and public opinion. The game received massive backlash on social media and was hated upon with players highlighting critical issues and bugs with the game’s design.

Out of the 3,700 user reviews on steam, not so surprising 85% are negative reviews. It is being called as the worst NBA 2K title as well as the second worst video game title on steam, the first spot being taken by Flatout 3. Fans are not happy with the micro-transactions in the game and complain about lack of innovation and game-play improvements compared to past versions of the title. NBA 2K17 was the last title in the franchise which was blessed with positive user feedback.

It is interesting to wonder about the contrast between the game’s likeability and the numbers it puts up on the charts which clearly shows that despite heavy critiques, fans will still put in money on games having a legacy behind them as well as are a little bit fun to play.

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