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Nazara Games to invest ₹136 crores in Indian Esports

Nazara Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the parent company to Nazara Games recently announced their interest in the Indian Esports community. Nazara group plans to invest a remarkable ₹136 crores in developing the ecosystem, which is worldwide evident. The company plans to invest $20 million USD over the period of next five years.

The new business which will be formed to operate as the Esports division will be 100% owned by Naraza Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which also reported a active business with revenue of over Rs. 220 crores in the past four years.

Nitish Mittersian, Founder & MD, Nazara Games expressed his positivity towards the newly developed game, he quoted: “Esports has become a cultural phenomenon in the last few years. Countries in Europe, Korea, China, and US have seen massive growth in the number of players and spectators. Asia-Pacific accounts for 44% of the audience and is the fastest growing region globally. Given, improving internet connectivity in India today, launching an eSports league seemed the perfect way to reach out to the large group of eSports enthusiasts in India.”

Nazara Games
Picture credits: NDTV / Gadgets 360

While, the CEO of Nazara Games, Manish Agarwal said: “We are excited to provide Indian eSports enthusiasts with a stable and player/community orientated eSports ecosystem, in which players can thrive, improve their skills and become top competitors at an international level. The eSports league will not only be ideal for Indian players but also for fans. This platform will provide very extensive and exciting coverage of the Indian eSports landscape and will allow fans to track the careers and professional achievements of their eSport idols on a daily basis. Based and styled on successful eSports formats that have been applied internationally, Nazara is investing in building a wider eSports ecosystem and will be the first project of its genre and scale in India.”

Manish further added: “Focusing on content, it will work around three major pillars; an online content platform dedicated to the eSports community; a professional league; and a network of pro-teams entirely supported by the company. The league will provide Indian eSports fans with live WebTV content, guides, forums, online tournaments and of course, extensive and professional coverage of the eSports scene.” The league will have 2 seasons per year and will feature 6 teams that will be selected through open and free online qualifier tournaments.

Nazara Games will create another platform to collaborate all the sectors of the Esports industry, from professional teams to community-driven forums, guides, and competitions, Nazare Games aims to create a digital media content oriented platform. The league will feature DotA2 & CSGO currently, while Overwatch and other competitive games stand a chance shortly.

There will not be any pre-approved system, all the professional teams are welcome to join the qualification process by following a standard registration program after the website launches. The possibility of the events and tournaments been broadcasted live through Nazara networks also stands a chance.

This investment comes in quickly after Ronnie Screwvala recently announced his entry into Esports with a massive investment of over ₹100 crore in the course of two years.

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport


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