Na`Vi into the finals of DreamHack Masters Malmö

The breathtaking first semi-final came to an end with Na`vi making their spot into the Grand finals of DreamHack Masters Malmö happening later today, they will be facing the winners of the second semi-final between GODSENT and NiP.

The first map chosen by Na’Vi, dust2 started off with EnVyUs winning the pistols lead by quad kill by KennyS. As the game progressed Na’Vi looked stronger side when they were able to pull rounds after rounds with Edward’s sleeky play on Edge he still managed to grabbed some clutches just in favor of Na’Vi. In any case, once Na`Vi at long last purchased up the scene of the diversion changed drastically as the CIS-based side, fueled by an electrifying showcase from Denis “seized” Kostin, won 11 of the accompanying 12 rounds to take a summoning lead going into the break.


In the second half, EnVyUs demonstrated by and by their considerable gun play and took after that up with both hostile to ecos to give themselves a battling possibility. Notwithstanding, the diversion took after the same example from the primary half as Na`Vi took control of the match in firearm play, taking five adjusts straight to seal an insistent 16-7 achievement.

Disappointing performance by KennyS

The second map was no different, Inferno, which usually favors EnVyUs, but this time it shattered their dreams completely as they lost momentum at the very begining. On Inferno, Na`Vi took interestingly an early lead in the diversion, with EnVyus answering in the opening weapon round with dual amazing picks by NBK at B entrance. In any case, they were set back in the accompanying round by seized, who grabbed a trio while defending B bombsite on his own. Na`Vi in no mood to delay their entry any further made their lead solid as steel to a 13-2 half-time lead before heaping more wretchedness on EnVyUs in the second half by taking three back to back rounds.

The second half started with apeX completely lost in the middle, picked up by Edward following some picks from EnVyUs making it a difficult 2vs2, only ended up flamie clutching 1v2 with a tec9 stepping up getting a quad kill in the pistol round making it 14-3 Ukrainian favorable. There was no hope for the french side as the whole of Na`Vi lineup seemed chargedup the whole game to clinch the map point closing it in a depressing scoreline of  16-3 in a semi final of this class.